Aluminium Flush Casement Windows

casement-brochure-oneIndustry Leading Aluminium Flush Casement Windows

The Lifestyle Window is a premium range of custom-made aluminium windows which are designed and manufactured in our UK based factory. Lifestyle’s bespoke windows are a stylish addition to any home; they offer all the benefits of aluminium, and are available in a wide range of finishes, each and every one custom made to your size, opening requirement and colour scheme.

Combining a Traditional Design with Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

casement-brochure-twoThe Lifestyle Casement Window offers a stylish flush casement finish, which is the result of combining a traditional design with advanced manufacturing techniques and a versatile, premium grade aluminium.

In real terms, a flush casement means that the sash sits neatly inside the frame to offer an elegant and even finish when the windows are closed, with no uneven surfaces or protruding hardware.

Clean and simple in aesthetics, extremely secure and thermally efficient, the Lifestyle Window is ideal for any refurbishment whether modern or traditional. The Casement Window is available as fixed, with top or side openers and dummy sashes (meaning that the sash doesn’t open, but it will match the style and sightlines of the openers).

casement-brochure-threeThe Lifestyle Window has been designed with safety in mind as all side hung windows make use of hinges which satisfy fire exit regulations (subject to sash size).

The Lifestyle Window can be a big and bold solution, with side hung sashes available to be manufactured up to 1000mm x 1800mm and top hung sashes 1500mm by 1500mm. For larger apertures, frames can be coupled together to allow for more light without compromising on strength and security.

The flexibility of the Lifestyle Window offers you the choice to think creatively when looking at new or replacement windows.

Timeless British Design

timeless-windowThe Lifestyle Window features a stylish flush casement, which is where the sash closes inside the outer frame. The design modernises the beauty of 19th Century timber windows into a stunningly durable 21st century solution.

The simplicity of the design lends the Lifestyle Window to both traditional townhouse dwellings, modern new builds and even refurbishments under the strict planning regulations in conservation areas.

The premium grade aluminium Windows are virtually maintenance free, have excellent thermal properties and are highly durable, so are a life-long investment no matter what the weather throws at them.

Combining expert craftsmanship with precision engineering

timeless-cross-sectiontimeless-britishLifestyle have years of experience in combining a premium grade aluminium with exceptional engineering and craftsmanship, which has resulted in the highest quality products available on the market that combines functionality, style and longevity.

As all Lifestyle products, including the Lifestyle Window, are manufactured in the UK, it means that we are able to control and monitor all elements of the production process including machinery, components and assembly to ensure complete quality control.

guarantee-20At each stage of the manufacturing process, the Lifestyle Window goes through rigorous quality tests to make sure that your window leaves us at a guaranteed standard and arrives at an exact delivery time. In fact, our Windows are guaranteed to perform faultlessly for 20 years, the leading guarantee in the industry, so you can enjoy a worry free outlook for decades.

Endless options

options-swatchesOne of the many benefits of aluminium is that it can be coated with a highly durable powder coated finish, in over 150 different RAL colours to be precise. This means whatever the style of your home, from subtle to eye-catching, you will find a colour to suit, including classic white, black and grey, through to dramatic bold colours. The hard-wearing powder coat finish is resistant to scratches and colour fading, which means your windows will look as good as the day they were installed for years to come.

Thermal efficiency

thermal-uThe Lifestyle Window will help you to eliminate temperature extremes in your home as they are designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The Window’s advanced triple weather seal, unrivalled in weather testing results, helps keep your energy bills low and your home at that ‘just right’ temperature.

The Window’s Certified U-Value of 1.5 exceeds British Building Regulation requirements for optimum thermal performance, and has an Energy ‘A’ Rating based on double glazed simulations.

Attention to detail

detail-craftsmanAs well as an elegant design, the Lifestyle Window provides reliable functionality so they are simple to operate. The Window handles and hinges are robust and bring high levels of safety and security to your home.

The handles are available in a sleek metallic finish or can be colour-coded to match your window frames. Whichever option you choose, you can be confident that the handle provides the same faultless functionality as the windows themselves.

In addition to looking fantastic, the Lifestyle Window is also highly practical; the design meets a range of building regulations including those for emergency exits, restricted openings and marine based properties. The Lifestyle Window also features innovative hinges which are designed with safety in mind to prevent fingers from getting trapped.

Optimum Security

security-kitchenEveryone wants to feel safe in their home which is why security features are designed into every Lifestyle product, and our Windows are no exception.

The Lifestyle Window system uses the industry-renowned Yale Encloser lock with innovative bi-directional locking technology to offer the ultimate in home security.

The high security, easy to maintain stainless steel hinges feature a unique patented hinge geometry which provides unrivalled compression. The security system is increased further with hinge guards which ensure additional protection from intruders.

When choosing an Lifestyle Window, you can rest assured that it, along with its high security locking mechanisms, meet and surpass all of the latest security tests and regulations.


aluminium-framesAluminium is renowned for its strength, durability, longevity and sleek finish, making it the ideal choice for Lifestyle Bi-fold Doors and Windows.

Frame material and strength are rightly at the top of the list for most people when choosing a new window system. Aluminium delivers both with ease, combining strength with a lightweight structure, so lightweight in fact that it weighs 67% less than steel.

Don’t forget that our aluminium Windows are finished with highly durable power coated paint, available in a range of RAL colours.