Bi-Folding Doors Clapham, Folding Doors Clapham, Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Clapham

Folding doors are a grand addition to your Clapham home as they enable you to create large open spaces and allow for natural light to brighten your home. Spectrum of colours is virtually limitless and you can even have doors with different colours inside and out or decide on a natural Oak or Mahogany look?

Main contact with your doors will be by the use of handles. Lifestyle handles feature long lasting functionality along with safety and aesthetics with Standard Range in Aluminium or Premium Range in Stainless Steel.

Our Folding Door Safety and Other Features

Strength and integrity of the door itself is backed up with our unique 8 point locking system which conforms to demanding “Secure By Design” standards.

The lead door is prevented from slamming or being caught by gusts of wind by a strong magnetic stay which keeps the door in open position. Each door leaf features “finger safe” gasket which ensures that there is no gap for little fingers to get trapped in.

Lifestyle Folding Doors match and surpass the British Building Regulation requirements for thermal efficiency and offer great acoustic performance.

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