Not Just Croydon’s Finest or Surrey’s Finest Folding Doors

Lifestyle Folding Doors provide the highest quality folding doors in the UK. Better still, they are based near Croydon in Surrey and have a local showroom for you to see the quality before you buy. In addition to this, their folding doors are reasonably priced and they offer incredible customer service too. Whether you want your folding doors fitted or you just want us to supply your bifold doors for you or someone else to fit, it’s no problem. Lifestyle are based in Wallington, Surrey which is just a stone’s throw from Sutton, Croydon, Carshalton and not even too far from Guildford or Kingston. Come and see our showroom if you like.

What Exactly are Folding Doors?

Folding Doors are often called bifold doors or sliding folding doors, we’ve also heard them called “accordian” or “concertina” doors – even trifold doors! Whatever you want to call them, there is a wide range of choices available to suit any taste or budget. They are different from normal patio doors because the individual door panels are designed to effortlessly slide along a track whilst folding and stacking to the inside or outside of the aperture.

This innovative folding door design provides up to a 90% unobstructed opening when the door is all the way open. Our folding doors are practical and beautiful, allowing you to do much more with limited space. We offer a wide variety of configurations while maintaining your chosen design elements. Folding doors offer flexibility and choice because you can have them designed according to your personal taste and practical needs, with a myriad of different materials and finishes on offer.

The thing that many people are not aware of is that not all folding doors are created equal. There are many companies out there who are providing sub-standard folding doors. At Lifestyle we will make our customers aware of the exact brand of door they are getting, one that is synonymous with quality. There is no substitute for genuine quality and total security.

With such versatility and desirability, our folding doors are by far the best choice for any Surrey homeowner, increasing the value of any property whilst ranging in price from a surprisingly affordable starting point.

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