Bi-Fold Doors by Lifestyle Folding Doors, Surrey

Bifold doors are becoming very popular in Surrey and the south east. Bifolds are often referred to as folding doors, accordian doors or concertina doors. Whatever you wish to call them, they are designed to open with minimal intrusion into your living space. Actually, bifold doors have many advantages over traditional swinging or regular sliding doors. They are more aesthetically pleasing and yet just as durable, they add a touch of class and elegance, and work wonders in limited spaces.

Even though they have only been used starting from as recently as the early 1980’s, many major developments have been made to transform bifold doors from the ungainly things they were then to the beautiful, secure and highly purposeful items that they are today. One of the main reasons that property owners in Surrey are beginning to use them more and more is because of the value they can add to your property.

The Most Versatile Bifold Doors

Our bifold doors can be supplied up to 9 metres wide in many different styles, materials and colours to suit your requirements with some designs also providing a high traffic door that allows regular single door access without having to open the entire bifold door, something that is particularly handy in the winter months – especially in the south east of England where the weather is not the greatest!

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