Questions & Answers

Why should I get these “folding doors” instead of sliding patio doors or French doors – what are they?

Please see this page here for a clear explanation about our folding patio doors.

How secure are your doors?

Very. Check out our Security Page.

What is the difference between PVCU and aluminium folding doors?

It is widely acknowledged within the glazing industry that aluminium is a far more suitable product for sliding folding doors than PVCu. Aluminium is not prone to expansion and contraction in different climatic conditions and it will not twist or bind under load. Our door system is an engineered product which is both reliable and durable. We would never provide our customers with anything sub-standard.

Do all your doors open either inside or outside?

All of our door options can open either in or out with no cost implications.

What are the standard sizes?

All of our doors are bespoke; they are manufactured to your specific dimensions or our survey sizes.

Do your doors comply with Part ‘L’ of the Building regulations?

Yes. With the polyamide thermal break our doors can exceed the minimum ‘U’ value of 1.8 w/m²/k. This can be improved depending on the specification of the sealed units.

Do the doors come glazed?

We can supply our door systems glazed or unglazed. We can also offer a variety of glazed options, including self-cleaning and anti-sun.

Can you provide in-glazed Venetian blinds?

Yes, we can supply blinds with either manual or electric operation in a variety of colours. P.O.A.

Are they easy to install?

We can take your project from design to completion with our experienced surveyors and installation teams, otherwise we can supply the doors to you with full guidelines so that your competent person will have no difficulties.